Last Day


Today is the last day of my vacation and I am justifiably depressed, despondent and downhearted about returning to the drudge of every day work life.  I finally reconnected with my kitchen this last week, an area of my house that only saw me half of the time last year and an area my family, bless their little hearts, begged me to visit more than three times a week.  My thirteen year old would ask every day when she came home from school, and I mean these were the first words out of her mouth:

What’s for dinner, Mom?

Fend for yourself was my customary reply.

You would have thought I killed her favorite cat by the way her face fell to her knees.

Well after a thorough cleaning and a bunch of great recipes, I have reclaimed the space as my own once more.  Even Corvette Man was surprised at the transformation.

Who couldn’t cook in this kitchen?  We designed it  and did all the tile work ourselves.  It gave me a great sense of accomplishment when it was finished.
My favorite dutch oven is sitting on the stove.  Love to cook with that.
Love, Jeannene

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