A little tribute


Today I want to share a couple of slices that I consider treasures.  My dad works with wood.  He has worked with wood for as long as I can remember.  When he was very young he helped my blind Grandfather build houses.  Dad was the helper and Grandpa was the master – truly a remarkable man.  Dad built book shelves – very nice book shelves. He made desks for all six of us – wonder pieces that gave each of us a sense of our own private space.  I loved my desk Dad.  In the past few years he has completed building a beautiful new house.  When that project finished his hands could not remain idle so he embarked on a variety of beautiful projects for all sorts of people.  I can’t begin to tell you what they all are, but he showed me plans for some of them and they were just beautiful. 

This Christmas my dad made me something new.  I love it.  It will always hang in my house and I will always think of him when I see it.

It is a hand carved dogwood bloom in a solid block of wood.

Before Christmas he made this.
Isn’t it beautiful?
Dad made the entire table. The legs have a distinctive curve to them and the top has a narrow inlay.  I love it. Thanks Dad for such a wonderful keepsake
 I love you.
Love, Jeannene

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