Living out here has its wonderful slices.  Many of which present themselves in a different manner than their original state. Remember those eggs I found the other day? 

My wonderful hen, one of them at least, who found enough strength within herself to lay eggs even in the dead of winter.  Bless her little feather bedecked heart!  I love fresh eggs and she blessed me with fresh eggs!

Well we have found some delicious uses for fresh eggs.

Breakfast bacon and EGGS.  Mmmmm.

My absolute favorite is chocolate chip cookies.
The cookies topped off the day. My kids all but dragged me to see Avatar.  I am ashamed they had to almost drag me.  That was the most fabulous movie I have seen since Star Wars in 1977 and I have seen a ton of movies since 1977.  My only regret about today was that I did not take the long drive to the big city to see it at the IMAX in 3D.
I highly recommend the visual experience of Avatar.
Love, Jeannene

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