Cold Feet


I know I keep harping on the cold here, but when it is so rarely this cold and the animals around me behave so strangely, what is a body to do? This morning I actually slept past the crows of our roosters at 0500.  They were all up and about at 0700 when I looked out the window.  What I saw was really funny.  Now it was way too cold to get out and take a picture at 0700 so I took this shot about an hour and a half later, but all the chickens this morning were doing this….

It was too cold for two feet!!

Its a hoot to find all the chickens standing around on one foot because the ground is so-o-o cold.

Just goes to show you the animals know how to keep warm.

This week promises to bring warmer weather.

Love, Jeannene


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