I know I seem obsessed with heat and warmth and staying that way and the things that keep us warm, but I am cold natured and this is the beginning of the cold season in Arkansas.  A reality that was grimly brought to our attention this morning as we awoke to falling snow and a thicker blanket of the white stuff on the ground than when our heads hit the pillow last night.  This really was not a bad thing, for me at least.  I did not have to drive in the stuff at 4:30 this morning – I’m on vacation! It really was a wonderful feeling to lie in the bed as flakes fell all around us.

This was the state of our wood pile last week.  It is a small remnant of a full rick.  This was not going to be adequate to heat our home during the ensuing cold snap.  Hurry, hurry somebody find some more wood!

A really wonderful slice of heaven is this…

Can you see the pile of wood has grown?  It is two or three rows deep! This means warmth and comfort.  AHH.  Notice the axe.  Corvette man has been out chopping some of that into smaller pieces. (Could have been our son as well.)  At any rate, I will be warm and cozy.

Hope this finds all of you warm and cozy.

Love Jeannene


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