The warm glow


This slice was the scene in our living room this morning at 5:30.  The weather has turned cold and our little home was heated by our trusty wood stove, its warmth radiating more than just physical heat. Isn’t that a wonderful glow?  I drank my tea in the muted shadows.  It was heaven. I must comment that even the roosters did not stir until 5:30 today.  This is a sure indication of the frigid temperature, those birds try to conserve body warmth when it gets below 25 degrees and even THEY don’t get up early.  Of course that meant I actually slept in!

Our little farm was also blessed with its first seasonal dusting of snow.  Regrettably it was only a dusting.  I would have welcomed a solid cover, being as I have no need to venture beyond our front gate for the next eleven days. 

This sort of day calls for comfort food and my thing is fresh bread.  I made two of these loaves.  The other one is only half what it used to be.  It went well with the pot of cabbage soup.  AHHH! The simple pleasures of life.

Happy New Year all

Love  Jeannene


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