Early Mornings


Today we were awakened by the cocaphony of rooster crows at 4:30 this morning to a chilly 58 degree in our small house.  Corvette Man had already been up an hour, but it was my intent to sleep in on the first day of my vacation.  Those roosters were crowing at the full moon high in the sky, crazy birds.

Those are two of our seven or eight roosters eating from the cat’s food!!

Corvette Man rekindled the fire in the wood stove and made me a cup of tea.  We lolled in the bed in the quiet – that was after the roosters had finished their serenade – and watched the yellow flames warm the house as the sky pinkened in the east.  It was heaven. 

It’s the quiet of the morning that makes me appreciate everything around me. 

Saturday mornings are my favorite.  Corvette Man and I go get feed before the kids stir and then we make it a date by adding a Starbucks.  I am not a Starbucks kind of girl, but I love our alone time.

Happy weekend
Love Jeannene


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