Today’s slice is the beginning of a twelve day respite from the drudge of my every day job.  The sun is shining in its resplendent glory and Corvette Man has a warm blaze in the wood stove to welcome me home; not to mention my wonderful children have cleaned up the festivities from the previous night.  I had to work on New Year’s.  Regardless, I have the next twelve days to bask in my little house and watch the chickens and visit the horses and laugh at the zany antics of our seven, or is it eight, cats. 

My plans are to write.  I will cook and bake.  Did I say write?  I will write, again.  I’ll take some time to clear out the cobwebs accumilating in the corner after the last sweep of a couple months ago.  I’ll write some more.  It is so much easier to write in the quiet solitude of my humble abode sans children.  Did I tell you I will write?  I’ll spend some time on this blog, but I will write.


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