New Years Eve


Happy New Years to all and my sincere wish that you prosper this year.  Today’s slice includes a small and quaint celebration for ringing in the New Year.  Our family tradition is simple.  Rent as many movies as we can stand and watch movies until the witching hour arrives. Most of us last the duration, but some of us (Corvette Man in particular) folds early.

Tonight our food fare is simple and requires little preparation, due to the fact I spent the majority of my day at a job.  One of these days my job will be at home (I have said this for twenty five years, when will I concede to the bitter truth?)   Regardless, I love veggy dip and cheese, wonderful cheese.  Tonight we have a wedge of gouda.  I would have loved to have some brie with it, but my family is totally unimpressed by wonder soft cheeses.  I make carrots with ranch dip for me.  If anyone else likes it, whoppee!  Do I see onions on that plate?  I love onions.  It’s a good thing I’m hanging with family tonight. Chips and dip round out the edibles, an easy prep for all.

This has to be quick as the celebration awaits.

Happy New Year and the Lord bless you all!!

Love Jeannene

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