Who I Am


I am Jeannene Walker. I live with my husband, two of our remaining four children, eight cats, seven horses, a dog a bunch of chickens on a small farm in Central Arkansas. We raise thoroughbred horses and race them – sometimes. That in itself is a slice of heaven. We have a new baby due this spring and I will be chronicling its birth and development – the most fun of all!!

I am fulfilling a dream I have had since I was nine. It took going through Mr. Wrong to find Mr. Right, and have him bring me to the place my heart always knew would be heaven. I want to share the silly every day treasures that make my life a joy. It doesn’t mean it isn’t hectic and tiring, but I love where we live and how we live it.

Our twenty acres has a small home we built ourselves – the most engagingly hard and rewarding project a family could ever undertake. It is truly a slice of heaven everyday I come home from work, which is an hour drive into the big city and an hour drive back. Most people would balk at the trek; not me. Any price to pay is worth it to live where we live. Our home is singularly unique and I hope to share it with you in small slices.

I hope you enjoy the journey as much I will enjoy sharing it with you.

Love Jeannene

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