Happy Holidays


Well today is Christmas.

Despite my warnings about a rapid dip in temperature, we opted not to light a fire last night and alas, the house was a chilly 54 degrees when I crept out from under the warmth next to my dear husband. A kerosene heater helped as I readied myself for work. They will have to light a fire later this morning.

The winter weather blowing through the midwest states managed to bypass central Arkansas. A blessing I assure you. At four thirty in the morning though, the icy winds on top of nine inches of water proved to much for us when my husband fought with a frozen lock at our gate. You can’t imagine the frustration of being a prison on your own farm but for only one tiny piece of equipment – a lock. Deicer and a hammer remedied the situation and I was finally on my way to work.

My hubby called later this morning to inform me the house was warmed by the heat of a wonderful fire and the kids will be attending a showing of Avatar this afternoon. That will leave the house to just the two of us. I can’t wait. We have few private moments as it is.

Happy Holidays to all.

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