End of Week Relief


This week has been a mad rush. Rush to what I’m not entirely sure, but a rush all the same. My efforts to keep up the daily word count on the western historical I’m working on has fallen horribly short of its goal.

Monday was spent backpedalling to locate documentation for registering the horses for items I should have taken care of at the beginning of the year; validating my inadequacy as a secretary in the horse department. Thank God they had all their Jockey Club papers in order.

Wednesday our daughter ventured into the barn wearing unauthorized foot wear and emerged with a gaping gash across the top of her right foot; the result of contact with a vicious piece of sheet metal. Needless to say, the local emergency room consumed the remainder of our evening. I must comment,though, as far as ER visits are concerned, that was good one; we were out of there in an hour and a half – will miracles never cease?

Thursday found me relinquishing my laptop to our son for a school paper, a project that consumed most of the evening. Now granted, as a household with two teenagers another computer should be available, but if you saw the space in which we reside, you would understand a solitary computer is all we have space for. I was able to at least log about one hundred words into the nineth chapter, but my hero and heroine continue to grapple with recent tragedy in their lives, making little progress in the healing process. Tonight, though, we will move on!

Now to address the events of the season. The Walker family does not participate in ‘Christmas’, considering it a a misguided attempt of Constantine to the enfold the entire populace into one catholic church by renaming Saturnalia as the birthday of christ. Our hebraic roots teach us the Messiah was born in the fall at the time of Feast of Tabernacles. This winter season includes the Feast of Dedication or Channuka. The lighting of the candles has held our attention for the past seven nights. Sadly tonight is the last night of the holiday, yet it will be the brightest as nine candles can illuminate a space quite brilliantly.

Writing this has helped me put my busy week into its proper perspective and the outlet of put words to paper has helped me fulfill that need to record events. I feel so much better.

Happy Holidays everyone.


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