Sick Day


I am playing hooky today. I came down with some horrible bug yesterday. If you want my opinion, I believe the air conditioning at work has contributed to my ailment. The air blowing on me in that department is frigid and conducive to sickness. Enough complaining.

Sunday I pulled the first real veggies out of my garden – beautiful bell peppers and summer squash as well as a few green chilies! Granted, this is late in the season to be just now reaping the rewards of a garden, but the weather prevented me from planting as early as I usually do. The tomatoes are even farther behind the curve. My first plants were initially eaten by some hunger deer. It was the end of May before the final plants made their way into the ground. I finally have green tomatoes on the vines and plenty of blooms! Arkansas has been experiencing unusually high amounts of rainfall, which greatly contributes to the growing season of late season tomatoes. Hurray!

I finally submitted a valid formatted contest entry for a book contest. My original document contained some unusual formatting imported from a document at work. At any rate, it really messed the whole thing up, but I prevailed and fixed it and now have a valid submission to my first contest. Pleased as punch.

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