Skunk Buster


This post is dedicated to our son Ben – the skunk buster. Yesterday morning we discovered we had trapped a skunk in our trap instead of the possum we had intended. This would have been perfectly fine except for the fact that the trap was sitting squarely on the porch and not out in the pasture. This small fact presented a delimma. As you know, skunks spray an especially foul odor as a means of defense. The nasty duty of removing the pest was assigned to our son Ben – 15 1/2 yrs. My husband gave him explicit instructions on how to move the animal and avoid being ostracized for a week. Ben took it a step further. He donned his rain slicker and slicker trousers and topped it off with his motorcycle helmet. He looked like he was in armor. He then took a plastic tarp and approached the little rascal surreptitiously, completely avoiding its notice! Once the trap was covered completely, he dragged it quickly out to the pasture. It was at this time the little varmet let loose, bathing only the tarp in its fragrance. It was a perfect success! We have nick named Ben the Skunk Buster.

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